About Handvärk


HANDVÄRK is much more than a business to us. We believe in simplicity, sustainability and social responsibility on a personal and corporate level. We make sustainability a natural part of our everyday work, we flat pack to reduce transport emission, we only use recyclable packaging and have a strong digital presence to minimize print. Through our products we are trying to speak to the preservation of our resources. We re-work, re-shape and re-use as much raw material as possible in all the processes of making a piece of furniture, which is both sustainable and makes it possible to provide the opportunity to acquire quality designs at a reasonable price.

Simply put; we strive to stay socially responsible, establish long-term partnerships and have an overall positive impact on the world.

– Kristian Rohde, CEO & Partner


From the beginning of each unique design process the optimal modern production method is considered and taken into account. For us repetition of materials and processes is the key and always essential. The purpose of all our efforts is to heighten the quality of the piece of furniture itself and not what surrounds it. In doing so we can provide the highest possible quality.