Emil Thorup

Founder of HANDVÄRK and the designer of the first collection of furniture, autodidactic 35-year old Emil Thorup was formerly a celebrated TV-Host, with a lifelong passion for architecture and design. He is greatly inspired by the Bauhaus movement and strives to minimize unnecessary theatrics in his design, still pursuing a Nordic warmth.

Camilla Stærk

Born and raised in the countryside of Denmark, Camilla Stærk studied fashion and textiles at Ravensbourne College in London. The sophisticated, dark romance of her women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, accessories and interiors have earned her the British Fashion Council’s Newgen Award, collaborations with top fashion brands and hotels, multimedia solo art exhibitions and dedicated collectors from London to Tokyo to the Americas.

Boris Berlin

Boris Berlin has shown again and again in the last 35 years that he is in the forefront of the international design scene, with new shapes, new constructions and new technologies. Time and time again he sets aside the good Danish tradition for pure functional aesthetics and natural materials, and instead produces provocative, conceptual objects in synthetic materials, demonstrating that design can be a language that can seduce and can tell stories.

Aleksej Iskos

Aleksej Iskos was born in Ukraine and since 1991 lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design.

Since 2010 co-founder and partner at Iskos-Berlin Design. In 2018 established Iskos Design. Aleksej appreciates design not only for its practical purpose, but also for what it communicates to us, for the emotions it creates, for the memories it awakes – for the story it tells us. To tell this story, the designer appeals to both sense and sensibility, and the function becomes poetry. It is this poetry we fall in love with.

Laura Bilde

Laura is a freelance designer based in Copenhagen. With a strong grasp on concept, materiality and form, Laura works across both product and interior design. She’s driven by tactility, curiosity and design that can be experienced both on a physical and emotional level.