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Marble care and maintenance guide

HANDVÄRK marble is honed or polished, but otherwise untreated. We therefore recommend treating the surface before first use to protect the marble.

Marble is a beautiful but fragile stone. When mounting the marble tiles into our table frames, please take care. The corners are particularly fragile. Follow the assembly instructions carefully to avoid damages. HANDVÄRK is not responsible for any damage to the marble once it’s unpacked.


Don’t use acid or alkaline products directly on the marble surface. For example, lime scale removers, hydrochloric acid, alcohol based products, ammonia etc. The material is absorbent to natural products like oil etc. Placing hot items on the marble will cause damage. Sharp objects may scratch or shatter the surface.


Let the honed marble saturate in a thick porridge-like mixture of soap flakes and water. Make sure the mixture is allowed to seep into the marble. Repeat 6 times over 2 weeks. The ‘polish’ that coats the marble creates a barrier and protect the marble against everyday stains.


Clean the marble with a damp cloth or sponge. Immediately clean spills to avoid staining.


If staining should occur make a mixture of soap flakes and water. Apply the mixture on the marble and wipe the surface. Remove the excess soap with lukewarm water and wipe with a dry cloth. Depending on the type of stain we cannot guarantee that this treatment will remove the stain.