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To better translate the possibility and beauty of the collection, we offer 3 free samples.
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Versatile and everyday-friendly ULTRA features a buffed surface with a uniform grain pattern. Its strong protective finish ensures easy maintenance, resisting stains and delaying signs of aging due to light exposure.

Soft and semi-aniline, SPECTRUM features a light surface finish for protection. Its full-grain, smooth surface showcases unique pores, and has received the LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® certification and the German Blue Angel Ecolabel (Der Blaue Engel).

FLUX offers a smooth, tactile sensation with earthy sophistication and a matt look. The protected leather’s fine surface coating makes it resistant to scuffing and fading for tactile experiences that last.

With a slight sheen to the surface and smooth touch, ENVY offers an elegance with subtle natural markings. As an aniline leather, each hide is unique. Certified by LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®, ENVY combines elegance with environmental responsibility.

Authentic and "naked," VEGETAL is an aniline leather developing a natural patina. Un-dyed in its original colour and vegetable-tanned with mimosa plant extracts the hide begins its patina journey with a very light tone, soon becoming pale pink and later transforming into a light, nut-brown color.

Witness the transformation bringing even more character to a classic leather that is truly a beauty and one of a kind. Adding to VEGETAL’s purity is the fact that less than 1% of all hides in the world can be used for this type of leather.

Black Leather
ULTRA Altweiss 41576
ULTRA Camel 41571
ULTRA Marsh 41570
ULTRA Brandy 41574
ULTRA Safari 41586
ULTRA Cognac 41598
ULTRA Chocolate 41589
SPECTRUM Honey 30102
SPECTRUM Mix 30147
SPECTRUM Brandy 30155
SPECTRUM Mud 30086
SPECTRUM Black 30114
FLUX Light Brown 40305
ENVY Cognac 20320
ENVY Anthrazite 20323
ENVY Nougat 20322
ENVY Olive 20324
ENVY Black 20321
VEGETAL Nature 20090


Recognizing that a multitude of choices may prompt questions, our aim is to facilitate your decision-making process. To assist you in discovering the perfect fit for your home and understanding how our collection can contribute to its aesthetics, we provide three complimentary samples.



Our leather upholstery is made using the highest quality leather from suppliers like SØRENSEN. All pieces can be made to order in protected, aniline and semi-aniline leather. Each leather type has its own characteristics and beauty marks such as insect bites and wrinkles, all giving this natural material its own distinct identity.



The Daybed stands as HANDVÄRK's crown jewel, embodying an unwavering commitment to superior materials, style, and craftsmanship. In harmony with this ethos are the Lounge Chair, Piano Bench, and Grand Bench. Each possesses distinctive features yet shares a common thread of simplicity and timeless design, forming a cohesive language that echoes throughout HANDVÄRK's collection.