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A marble topped statement piece, made in Denmark, exudes luxurious Nordic appeal. The range of sleek dining tables is an ultra-modern take on a tile top table, with large pieces of Italian marble mounted in a slender steel frame, that almost defies gravity. The natural variations and veins of the marble make each table truly unique.

By Emil Thorup

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Black Frame
Brass Frame
Stainless Steel
Black Marble
White Marble
Green Marble
Light Grey Marble
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Product Information

D: 96cm x L: 230cm x H: 75cm x Between legs: 174cm
Weight 93,7kg
Top: Polished or honed marble
Base: Powder coated steel

Dining Table 230

Black Frame - White Marble


WHITE: A snow-like texture traversed by veins. A pure, compact marble whose limited production makes it unique.

GREY: A delicate mix of greys blended in a spontaneous and lively manner.

BLACK: Deep black in colour with thin but definite white marks.

GREEN: A marble featuring various tones of green, light, dark and metallic, crossed by white veins.

Design by Emil Thorup

Founder of HANDVÄRK and the designer of the first collection of furniture, autodidactic Emil Thorup was formerly a celebrated TV-Host, with a lifelong passion for architecture and design. He is greatly inspired by the Bauhaus movement and strives to minimize unnecessary theatrics in his design, still pursuing a Nordic warmth.


Aesthetic sustainability is key to all of our products. In an effort to create furniture that will last a lifetime, we have taken no shortcuts. We work with genuine marble, solid brass and leather – materials that will only become more beautiful over time. These materials are worked with care and dedication to embody the simplicity and applicability of our design. Design that above all stays true to the Nordic DNA that imbues HANDVÄRK.